Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Welcome to the UK

1. location: Barclays Bank

Clerk: Sorry, we can't accept this as a proof of identity.
Mink: It's my passport!
Clerk: it's out of date.
Mink: No it's not. See here, it was extended.
Clerk: There's no signature.
Mink: There's no need for signature. It's printed here.
Clerk: We can't accept it.
Mink: They accepted it in Heathrow a month ago! I can show you the stamp, look...
Clerk: Sorry but Brixton is high-security area, we can't take risks.
Mink: Whatever.
Clerk: Try a branch in another neighbourhood.

2. Location: Royal London Hospital shop

Shop Assistant: Can I help you?
Mink: I'm just browsing.
Shop Assistant: Are you going to buy anything?
Mink: No, I'm just waiting for my turn for a blood test.
Shop Assistant: this is a shop, you know.
Mink: (speechless. I'm sick of this place. Have you ever heard of hospitality? )

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