Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gentrifying Brixton - the case of the Noodle Bar RIP

Before: The Noodle Bar
After : Gyoza

Before: Shabby-chinois (large scroll paitings and a budha)
After : Swanky-oriental (red lanterns)

Before: Chines-ish
After : Jappanese

Before: friendly
After : attentive

Before: long tables, sit next to strangers
After : 2 and 4 persons tables

Prices for main
Before: £4.80 (huge salmon/tofu steak with Peking sauce and rice)
After : £6.20 (Udon Soup)

Time to get main course
Before: 2 minutes
After : 3.5 minutes

Bottom Line
Give us back our Noodle Bar.
There's three(!) Jappanese places around Coldharbour Lane, somebody must be thinking that Sushi=raw Money. But the nicest and coziest is the Ichi-ban on Atlantic (Railton) Road.

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