Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back to the Market

The first time after a long break is always hard. Getting out of habbit makes me apprehensive, I do not feel at ease there cycling from skip to skip. This time was no exception. It was grey, windy, cold, ugly. Winter's putting a last fight, said Gary around this time last year. Well it's doing a good job this time. It takes some self-persuasion to believe that spring is round the corner.
I went there late, 12-ish, too late. All I found was Maroccan tomatoes, in various sizes, 5 lemons and three artichokes. Rubbish.

But artichokes are always nice, and these ones were big and meaty. Since we had no olive oil for the dressing, I made Tahini sauce and found that it goes together well.

Tahini sauce is virtually unknown here, even though Tahini is popular in health-food shops etc. I feel the urge to speard the word. Very easy to make, all it takes is:
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper
Add the water and lemon juice gradually and stir with a fork, and a white liquidy consistency is achieved.
Also add:
Squashed garlic
Chopped flat-leaf Parsley
Excellent with Pitta bread, and salad, very quick dinner

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