Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bus March

Four weeks I decided to start taking the bus to the Library, mainly because I couldn't face the cold. Bus rides are now 80p, cheap in London prices; I figured I could also use the time to read A.Horany's History of the Arab Peoples, which is quite good. Although a Londoner for more than three years, it was the first time for me to take the bus regularly. Some observations:

Ringtones I was never aware of what atrocious ringtones are out there. Pa-ba-BOOOM Pa-ba-BOOOM yes hello

well can't say the bus is social but you do see many people and sometimes it's funny to see interactions between people. Like sudden smiles.

Front seat on upper deck
: tourist seat, but I always go for it. The view, but also it's the only seat from which you can't really see the television screen

Television on buses
: Yes. Brainwashing London's commuters. Adverts for holidays in Quebec and updates from Celebrity-TV (did you know what Jennifor Anyston said?) yuck pew digusting. Why do they think we're fair game? sitting ducks?

The view from upper deck: I know I'm not saying anything new but it is a great way to see the city. Interesting to watch cyclists from this vantage point, they look like Kamikaze. It just looks insane to cycle between all these cars. I guess it is insane. I just got used to it.

After three weeks I started to feel my leg muscles getting shorter. I figured my body was slowly decaying. And it's not so cold anymore. So I'm cycling again.

Public transport is always A to B, you have to plan your journey. No surprises, only delays. Cycling is always open for possibilites. Even when doing the same route everyday. There's always random stuff happening, or interesting junk to look at/skip. It can always be adventure. Delays are only up to me (flat tyres excepted)

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