Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Market Diaries

Going to the Wholesale market to skip fruit and veg for the last 3 years definitly changed my views on some vegetables.

Vegies I used to like but now I never bother to take:
Rocket- they come in whole crates. But they grow yellow within two days. It's food for cows.
Brussles Sprouts - when I grew up I thought of this as an exotic European delicacy. Coming here I soon realized - after bringing some bags of them from the market - that they're not exactly gourmet.
Rhoubab - very english fruit, with strange name. Polio said once that members of parliament speak posh English that sounds like RhouBab-rhubaB-Rhoubab. Too many rhoubab crumbles convinced me that it's not worth the bother. Funny I don't see it anymore.

My favourite skipping items:
Lemons and limes - when I want to feel outlandish I drink sparkling water with a dash of lime. The squatter good life.
Eggplants (aubergines) - very expensive here, always a treat
Passionfruits - they last long and they're excellent in porridge.

* * *

Yesterday I found:

Yellow and Red Capsicums (Israel).
Clementines (Spain, Egypt)
Melons (Venezuella)
Eggplants (Spain)
Mint, Corriander
Organic: sweet potatos, radishes, pok choi, fennel, beans. (Country of Origin unknown)

I've been buying vegies for the last couple of weeks so I know that this kind of variety and quantities would probably cost me £30-40. Insane innit?


johnie said...

which market...?

mink said...

New Covent Garden

johnie said...

that's interesting, don't you have to go there at some inasane hour of the morning though..

mink said...

No. They start work very early (4-5am I think) but I usually when it's nearly over, around 11-12am.
Highly recommended! eye-opening experience + food for free

Omar Barsawad said...

I love brussel sprouts! I too thought they were specifically European; Americans don't like them.

Then I love broccoliand cabbage; but - spinach most. Yes, spinach. Of fruits - bananas are on top for me.