Friday, October 24, 2003

-- DEJAVU --
a strange city and a colder October, but here i am, again, in a university computer lab, the quiet murmur of the keyboards creeps through my ears, a russian red-hair guy playing chess on the net, and overheated lumpiness rests in the air; the occasional unexplained blip. here it went again behind me: blip.
how personal is this blog going to be, i wonder. issues: like me and S, and parents, and sex life, and friends? probably not.
but we'll see.

a few false starts, but no breakthrough; better leave it like that. some other time. Happy Winter: it has arrived

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

it took me some time, but i finally made it last night. grabbed the two locks, S.'s multi-tool and the headlight, and the phone, and off i went, 11pm at night, on my bike. there was a lot of traffic on Commercial Road for this time of night and it was bitterly cold, an expression they use much too much here.
I was going to the old house to see if the bailiffs had come, and if not, take the lock and make a few phone calls, if the line still worked. we were waiting for the bailiffs that morning to see our own eviction, but then they were late, and wanted to tat some tat from Ed's house, which was getting evicted as well that morning. We managed to take two chairs and a stereo. they had left two dolls on the front door step; a teddy bear and some other muppet-animal. both looked hopelessly cute, as they were wating for the bailiffs to come. Ed had left the front door unlocked.
Now, 11 at night, i cycled past their house: no teddy bears, just an ugly metal door, and a sitexed window. the house was secure, and definitly empty.
It took me another couple of minutes to get to our house. took the next turn left and then left again. a police car was parked there by the homeless hostell, humming to itself. no coppers inside; and as i was staring, i saw another cop-car approaching. did somebody nick a police car and left it down the road? i had no intention of lingering about to find out. the old house was boarded up; they have there, i thought. so they probably changed the lock. i didn't bother checking, cycled home. my nose gets really runny in this cold weather. i hate it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

there's a cigarette but in my toilet, hanging from the wall. almost falling but obviously not yet, been there for three years. obviously one of the workers put it out on the wall, as he was taking a shit. i can see him: finishing his cigarette, pressing it against the wall and rising up to finish his work. noises from the school yard coming up, the kids are playing. was he one of the workers putting the sitex on the window, or someone else? it's yellow and disgusting but i leave it there for some reason. i want to remind myself that i haven't cleaned there yet, and that i should. i guess it's also there to catch my feelings - having just opened this house, and things are still hanging in the air. for how long, this house? three-four months, as usual?
the cold weather makes me very tired. i feel exhusted from just cycling down the road. it's the temprature drop, prbbly: you're just not used to it yet, i think. soon it will be colder.

Friday, October 03, 2003

this is my first post.
it will be short because the library's closing and i need to get my bike out.
god this is so exhibitionist - not that i'd know how to spell that...
hope the BL will allow this mischief to go on.