Monday, July 03, 2006

Waterloo Omens

It is no surprise that Waterloo Bridge features frequently in this blog (see here and there). It is probably my favourite bridge, the one I use most . The Bridge is my liminal threshold, my daily rites of passage from South to North, from Life to Library, from home to London.

But three ominous developments have caused me to think of alternative routes.

1. The constant traffic-jam at the north end, caused by the roadworks, leaving no room for cylcists. About two thirds of the way I have to get off my bike and start walking amid irritated pedestrians.

2. The Charing Cross huge clock has been showing the time as midday for the last week. Its giant arms refuse to move. As any apprentice psychogeographer would tell you, this can only mean one thing: the end is nigh.

3. Most disturbing of all: the Waterloo Rabbit. I've never noticed it before, and it freaks me out.


desert_thoughts said...

oooh. that rabbit's really creepy...

waiting for the barbarians said...

Wow, so people leave it offerings? That rabbit must be powerful, I'm scared too!