Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Market in Summer

Woke up with the noise of paper through the letter box. It's 'the Londoner', Ken Livingstone's propaganda mouthpiece, informing us how good the Mayor is for this city and humanity, and offering some practical information too. There's an article on food. Did you know, they write, that 80 percent of the fruit and a third of the vegetables we consume is imported?

Only a third of the vegetables? well I guess a large portion of the rest is potatoes.

Anyway, good point. Fruit and veg. Fridge empty. It's market day.

Skipping in the summer is a bit frustrating. The skips are full with fruit and veg, but most of it is no good. London is so hot these days, with tempratures well above thirty. Prodcue spoils quicker in this heat, on the way to the market and while it is stored there. It can go bad in a few hours of standing in the sun. The smells are stronger, everything a bit muckier. The sight and smell of rotting produce: not for beginners. But there is still lots to find, especially if you come early. And somehow it seems that the security are not bothered. Maybe it's too hot for them to get out of their air-conditioned office

There was lots to find. It was vegetable day, aubergine galore and organic squashes and courgettes. Hardly any fruits. Exactly the opposite of last week. But the market works in mysterious ways.


RUINIST said...

The invisible hand of the Market? no?

mink said...

Invisible, but stinking.

amychan said...

I dont understand Bleep Bloop's blog... hoe do you get to her writing???