Monday, July 17, 2006

Michael on Radio 4

Michael, Porridge time, last year (credit:El)

While people in some places are busy bombing eachother to pieces, others are trying a more constructive approach.

Michael, Mr. best and most-missed housemate of all times, will be on Radio 4 tonight speaking of his bicycle project in Namibia, south-west Africa. The organization he set up gets discarded bikes from Europe, fixes them up and distributes them to NGOs in Namibia, mainly to HIV-patients outreach workers. The aim is 'empowering disadvantaged Namibians through access to affordable transport.' You can read more on the BEN-Namibia website.

The program will be broadcast on Radio 4 9pm UK time, and it will be available on the 'listen again' section on the website.


I corrected the link to radio 4, and it now points to the program. If you have broadband access, do yourself a favour and listen it. It will make you a bit more optimistic about the world. Michael's project is simply remarkable. His 'get up and do it' attitude inspired me many times when we were living together. And what he's doing in Namibia is just amazing.

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