Friday, July 07, 2006


For readers who are interested in the current Gaza escalation, Raed Jarrar and myself have written a joint article on the issue, 'A Unilateral Ride over the Edge', published by Foreign Policy in Focus. I'm also going to post more on the issue on my Jerusalem blog.


The Letter N said...

cool, i was just going to email you to ask if i can mention your blog when linking to this article or not, but this answers my question.

mink said...

yes please link away

The Letter N said...

i heard that motherjones will print it too, super cool. so maybe i will wait until i have that link. raed linked to this foreign policy one on his blog already.

yes pencils!

Electric Sadhu said...

i've read it to the middle and stopped. couldn't take it.
then i thought- if i'm going to tell you what i think, i might as well read it through to the end. so i did.
should i spoil this march of acclaims with my opinion? would you listen to it?
i won't debate with you here. that would bore your audiance.
i'm just surprised again at your optimism, that's all.
i guess one has to be away to still hold on to it. i know i've lost it long ago.

mink said...

of course I would listen to your opinion. You're also more than welcome to bore the audience, but I'd prefer if you did on the Jerusalem Blog.
I would be the last to call myself optimistic, myself.