Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Throughout March and most of April, having no fridge was not a problem. It was cold enough for food to keep. But now it spoils very quickly.

This morning I found a fridge near the bins just off Coldharbour Lane. I put my head through the door (wholesale afro-carribean foods) and asked the lady about it.

- It works, but nobody wants it.

- Can I take it?

- Yes, take it.

It's easy to find a fridge on the street in London. From my experience (about 9 fridges ), one of two works. It's a pain carrying it home only to find out it's the one of the two that doesn't. I've done it a few times. Better ask then.

I gave it a few hours to sit (you shouldn't plug it to the electricity straight away), and went to hear Eric Hobsbawm talking about the Age of Violence.

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