Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Been reading Iraqi Screen (via salam pax) a new blog by an Iraqi journalist. She's a good writer and it is very depressing. My first reaction, other than utter despair, is thinking with disbelief that Blair is still Prime Minister here. The man was pivotal in making the life of 26 million Iraqis a living hell. I know geting rid of him won't solve much - as Pandora found out, that particular box doesn't come with closing instructions - but admitting UK responsibility for the disaster and holding him accountable are first necessary steps.

Why do these words ring hollow? Why is it something that everybody here know, but won't do anything about? Not enough UK casulties? Not enough suicide bombings and beheading vidoes? Or too many? What are people waiting for? Or maybe it's just not important as, say - the housing prices.

Perhaps human solidarity is not a good enough basis for political action, but how about self-interest. If anyone imagines that the mayhem in Iraq can be kept at a safe distance then they are wrong, wrong, wrong. The levees that are supposed to keep the West safe and dry from the flooding currents of hatred and dispair have been crumbling in the past fifteen years. Borders will not keep anyone safe, as long as globalisation continues to erode them. I'll stop here before I get more into doom and gloom. For more Iraqi blogs see Iraq blog count.

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