Monday, May 08, 2006

The Archaelogy of Roman Imperialism

I started my invigilation month. I'm supervising exams in college. It's Roman History today.

Is it more appropriate to talk of Emperor Worship or Imperial Cult in provincial society?

Do you think walking barefoot undermines my authority as a representative of the System?
I got totally soaked cycling here. It hasn't rained like this for months. I thought my shoes were kindof waterproof.. they're not. The rest of me was dry.

But it's the computer lab, and there's only one student taking the exam, and he can't even see my feet.


The Letter N said...

Hi Mink- sorry to be off topic here, but i want your email. cant seem to find it. i want to send you something about the persian gulf/arabian gulf controversy. hope you are well.

mink said...

hi n. it's velvet.mink(at)