Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Property Law I

"The idea of property in land oscillates ambivalently between the behavioural, the conceptual and the obligational, between copmeting models of proprty as a fact, property as a right, and property as a responsibility."
Critically discuss.

I was slightly later than usual in leaving home this morning: quarter to nine is too early anyway. But the Big Ben, coming to view as usual immeidately after Vauxhall and the MI6, reassured me things are under control, in all senses. It was happy brisky drizzle, all the way to Waterloo Bridge; the Strand smelled of Pain-au-Chocolate and coffee. A stack of Asahi beer boxes on the road in Drury Lane tempted me (just put one on your rack and go). The dryest beer in the world: but not when your late to invigilating Law exams.
Proprty Law: third year that I'm invigilating on this one, and still, to my disappointment, not a single question on squatting.

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