Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vine Lodge is the name of the house we moved into. It's going for auction next Monday. Moving into a house which is about to be sold is not the best idea, as any squatter knows. It just doesn't make much sense, because there's a good chance we'll have to move again very soon. Why we did this is a long story. But part of it was the house. It's a magical house. Like the house of the Witch from Grim Brothers' stories. I'm not sure if we're the witch or the two little kids who wandered into it.
This is how the auctioneers describe it:
Of interest to owner/occupiers and builders/developers
A very appealing freehold detached house requiring upgrading located in a unique residential square – Vacant possession
The property comprises an attractive three storey detached house, the only detached one in this unique square.

Vacant possession. Ahmmm, that's not quite, hmmm, accurate. Maybe they think we're just ghosts. for sure the house is haunted.

see you at the auction.

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