Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i think I'm going to Edinburgh, for the G8


spud said...

There are always a few people who spoil it for everybody else. Already this week I have seen an inordinate amount of illiterate, hippy marker pen scrawling in this beautiful, historic city. The people of Edinburgh don't deserve to be treated with such disrespect by migrant trinket-trading frisbee throwing fruitcakes. Anybody who is willing to treat the city with the respect it deserves is welcome though.
Corbett, Edinburgh, UK

The Letter N said...

Just wanted to check to see if you are ok. Raed and I can't seem to locate your email at the moment, so I hope you check your comments section. Anyway, we hope you and your loved ones are okay. Take care of yourself and drop us a line when you have time.
--Niki and Raed

spud said...

i would say that the chances of the mink being ok start at about 5/800000 (London having a population of 8 million) in favour.

add to that the fact that the mink is a student/unemployed layabout/squatter and the odds improve dramatically (as the likelihood of the mink commuting during rush hour to a non-existent job are about zero).

finally, the last post 'i think I'm going to Edinburgh, for the G8' upps the odds in favour yet again - Scotland being far enough away from London that i doubt the sound of the bombs was even heard.

hope these comments do not come over as callous or anything, but i was a tad concerned myself that someone might be using the terrorism card to detract attention away from the real issues (such as pink graffiti, and the illegal riding of bicycles in London parks).


mink said...

when you count the injured, the chances to get hurt are more like 1/10000. and I must say that all the locations except Edgware Road were in parts of town I frequent. No - the chances were slim, in my case, because I'm a cyclist. and you are right about the timing - the ealiest i ever arrived at the BL was 9:30. doesn't

spud said...

well even so, i am relieved to be right.