Thursday, June 29, 2006

The man from BT had a soft scottish accent.
So, you're a home-mover, he said.
Yes, I confessed.
A serial one.

There is a common misconception of nomads that they roam the earth freely, with no fixed place to call home. But in fact nomads all over the world usually have very specific routes which they follow and locations that they stick to. These might alternate according to season and rainfall but the possibilities are limited and constrained by the social and natural elements.

Anyway, the nomad mink has recently quitted the grazing areas of Brixton, where we had spent the months of the spring. Gathering our herd and using the services of friendly tribesmen we have moved northwards towards the Elephant and Castle, where (cold) water is plentiful and the Turkish shop has nice Mediterranean cucumbers. A good location for summery slumbers, bus connections and the gathering of thoughts

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