Thursday, June 01, 2006

Losing it

"When I lost mine - my first one - it never resurfaced." said the lady behind the reception desk "You know I think I left it on the desk for just ten seconds and then somebody snatched it. But people bring them in from time to time. I had no luck."
And no one brought anything...
"I was here last night and this morning from 6.30am. Nothing".

Looked through the rubbish bin in the PG room, on the window sill in the toilets, under the desk where I supervised an exam yesterday. Nothing.

Myabe I should write an obituary. Like I did for my bike. Only I still stupidly hope to find it. And it feels strange to mourn a sim card.

Walking to the South-Indian takeaway place, I read the white-chalk writing on the brick wall:


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