Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I spent my last evening in London in the psychological art circus. It was a performance at Area 10, the squatted big warehouse behind peckham library. I've heard about the place long ago but this was my first time in this space - and I like it. The show consisted of a series of pictures, or moving tableaus, with not much action. It reminded me of the Caravaggio paintings I saw this morning: they had the same kind of movement, full, expressive and forceful, and yet arrested and frozen.
The circus was three girls and one bearded guy. One of the girls, the beautiful acrobat, was wearing all white. She spanned for long minutes up in the air, tied with a rope to the high ceiling of the black tent. It was magical.
I did nt have money so instead i donated the sushi i skipped on my there. I asked cautiously... do you eat fish? yes! came the enthusiastic reply. one has to be careful about circus vegans, they can spit fire at you or turn you into a rabbit..
i'm going to Jerusalem tomorrow, and will spend there the next few weeks. I opened a new weblog for the occasion. I want to keep my london and jerusalem life seperate. So, imaginary and invisible readers. please find me at Mink In Jerusalem. i'll try to write every day.

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