Monday, March 07, 2005

vision (1)
I climb the stairs from platform 12 to the footbridge leading to the rest of the platforms. The footbridge is full with people, but they're standing at the two sides, forming long lines. It seems that they are waiting for something. They're all facing me, silently. No one talks, no one moves. On the loudspeakers I hear the voice of a man and a woman: a duet announcement. They speak out of synch. I think she is a second ahead of him. Their words are identical. It is as if they are reciting a poem, or making a prophecy.
24 hours CCTV recording
is in operation at this station
for the purpose of security
and safety management

Do not leave your baggage
Baggage unattended
may be removed
or damaged or

vision (2)
I'm life-modeling. There is only one person in the class, right in front of me. I'm doing a difficult, elaborate pose. After long minutes, it is time for the break. My hand and neck are all sore, and I slowly unwind. I step down from the platform, put on some clothes. I walk behind the student's easel, to see the drawing. When I reach it I see that he had drawn the platform and the background only, as if I was never there. My figure is nowhere to be seen. The drawing is carefully executed, albeit heavy and lifeless.

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