Sunday, February 06, 2005

unexpectedly, the train will depart from platform 4

michael made an amazing Gado Gado for dinner. this indonesian dish included something like eleven different ingrediants, and an outstanding peanut sauce. the man is a genius. he also (almost) finished fixing the drains today. this, actually, was a mammoth project, and it definitely will alter the way we live in this house. i feel like something is coming to a close. i'm not sure i'm ready to live with flush-toilet again. flushing your pooh with water? what a sick, strange idea.
Michael can also bring back to life burnt out light bulbs - or so he claims. he said it's all a matter of tilting it very gently until the threads inside reconnect. i don't think i know anyone else fixing light bulbs. he says neither does he.

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