Saturday, February 05, 2005

the only positive thing seems to be that i'm sleeping well these days. long, deep sleep. somewhat disturbed dreams though. two nights ago i dreamt my acupancturist was working for some revolutionary group/government as a doctor, and she was linked to torture. i saw her signature on the back of postcards, with some strange code, and i understood this was a way to get her approval for torturing certain people during interrogation. the postcards themselves were nothing special, the usual mediterranian resorts port towns kind of thing. i don't know why i thought this. or maybe I know and i don't want to think about it.

did absolutely nothing today. woke up late. wasted some time writine emails. when all the world seemed to collapse on my head, managed to drag myself outside and go up the hill. went there to collect leaves for our compost heap. i do this now weekly; it's not just fresh air, it's doing something in the fresh air which is good. I absolutely love collecting leaves. my favorite mix is plain tree leaves (dry, large, majestic looking) and oak leaves - which are usually wetter and compost more quickly. I usually collect a sackfull and then bring it down the hill, imagining myself to be carrying coal for heating or something very useful.

i might put pictures soon.
they're slowly disappearing, the leaves. of course, this is the best bit about them, that they just disappear without a trace. but in a month i'll have nothing to collect.

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