Thursday, August 17, 2006

Terrorist Mink

I saw them entering the library with two sniffer dogs. I didn't realize that they had come to look for me.

* * *

British Transport Police

Stop/Search Record of Person/Vehicle

Hair: short Hair Brown

Upper: Red shirt
Lower: Dark Jeans
Footwear: Brown Shose (sic)

Build: slim

Self defined ethnic classification: W9 (White Other)

The authority for the stop and search was

Place first stopped (show a junction and approximate distance from):
British Library - 1st floor

The search took place on: 16/8/06 15:31

Object of Search: items connected with terrorism

Grounds for authority: SEC 44

Arrested? No

Officers stopping and searching 0098

* * *

'You match the description of someone against whom severe allegations have been made.' I've been through this before, in a random search for drugs outside Crofton Park Rail. A dog smelled weed my housemates smoked the previous night; the police officers were more apologetic at the time.

Being body-searched by police officers in uniform, in the middle of the library, in front of everyone passing by, is of course humiliating. I tried to see the amusing aspect about it (just when you're feeling the most down, what can cheer you up more than a copper feeling you up - didn't expect this when you went for a short watercooler break ha!). I also know well that this is just a taste of what some people here get all the time, if you look Muslim or middle eastern, I'm not even talking about Arabs/Arab looking Jews in Israel. For me, it's important to know how it feels.

It became less amusing when they said they would take me downstairs to 'chat' with the officer in charge, and that they would have to search my locker and clear my things from the reading room. I started thinking this could go all day, or even... well at least they didn't shoot me in the head 8 times on the spot.

I was happy when they decided to leave me alone.
From now on I'm staying inside Rare Books and Music.

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waiting for the barbarians said...

OMG!!!!! This country has gone mad :(