Monday, August 21, 2006

Obscure Visual Sign of the Week (36)

Yes things lately have been too horrible for us minks to think about obscure visual signs. And you know what, they still are! So this is why this week's obscure visual sign is

War in Progress
Freedom on the March
(pick your choice)
* * *

Besieged and beleagured, I have no choice but to evacuate, at least temporarily. I wanted to blog about my experiences life-modelling in a big financial company and my thoughts about watermelons, but these will have to wait for merrier occasions.

This blog is taking a short holiday. See you back in early September.


Electric Sadhu said...

take care brother. i'll miss checking your blog every day.
but this time i have a suggestion for the sign:
" Carefull-
Gastroenterologic department
Gassy people ahead"

The Letter N said...

i'll miss your blog too. hope things start looking up for you.

mink said...

thanks guys - going to do some hard work on an organic farm in Wales. - can't wait to do some physical work after long months of library.
By the way N I totally got addicted to the Bush cover for 'bloody sunday'. I played it so many times