Thursday, April 20, 2006

Palestine Film Festival at the Barbican

The Palestine Film Festival is this week at the barbican.

Arna's Childern is on Wednesday 26th, 18:30. It is one of the most powerful films made about Israel/Palestine: it tore me from the inside when I saw it two years ago, mainly because it is not sentimential, not even for one tiny second. It offers no shortcuts, no quick fixes, and no grand pathos. I cannot recommend it too strongly.

Ilya Suleiman's A Chronicle of Disappearance, (same day 20:30) promises to be lighter. I'm going to see this one, because Suleiman's Divine Intervention(pictured above) was one of my favourite films of the last few years - a very original black political comedy which included catwalk in a checkpoint, musical face-off between a Palestinian and a Settler, and the best sex scene ever - ok, they were just touching hands but still.

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