Friday, April 14, 2006

Alienation Central

I'm sitting at the Ritzy, eating a Pizza, reading the Times which I found on the table. They have a grim story about a woman who lay dead in a flat in North London for more than two years with her tellevision on. Jane Vincent, 40, was discovered surrounded by unopened Christmas presents with the heating still on. The council workers (who came to collect the unpaid rent) drilled open the front door to find a huge pile of mail dating two years back.

A big pile of mail is one of the signs of an empty, squattable house. Lucky no one tried to open this one.

The local MP is quoted: "Where were social services? How did this poor lady fall through the safety net?" I think she got it wrong. The State is a fishing net, not a safety net.

A neighbour says: "This is a huge bloc of 200 flats. A lot of people live on their own. Everyone keeps to themselves".

But rest assured,

"Detectives told the inquest that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death."

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