Thursday, November 17, 2005

for all the G.W fans out there: check this out.


Natasha said...

But why do security try to stop you taking food that's been thrown out??

mink said...

well. it's never clear, never really explained. mainly I think they're worried someone will have an accident there and sue them. I imagine some days they decid there's too many people coming for free food and it's annoying the workers so chuck them all out. But it's totally random because the next day they wave to you and ask how you're doing.
ultimately: it's their food, even in the bins. Taking stuff from the bins is, legally speaking, stealing.
This market inevitably produces high volumes of waste every day, and they have to get rid of it efficiently. I am an obstacle in this process.
Waste of good food is fundemential to this system. If you start questioning this then you might as well question the whole thing.