Wednesday, November 02, 2005

At the Market

In season:
Wild Mushrooms (this week I got just in time to save some). Imported by air - don't know from which country.
Pears - Italian
Herbs - Israeli mint, Essex organic basil
Halloween pumpkin s
Speciality items: okra (first time I see it in the market! I love it. Alas too manky), curry leaves

I was chucked out by the security, went back, got chucked again when i was picking stuff from the floor. Second time i got a bit bummed. The security car followed me to make sure i get out of the market, so I cycled very very slowly. It felt a bit like VIP police escort. I tried to enjoy it.
mink's market skipping strategies (a) never go into the skips. Too dangerous, and it pisses the market workers off (b) don't argue with the guards. what's the point? The guards are protecting the criminal waste of fresh fruit and veg. It's their job to make sure tons of fruit and veg go to a landfill, every day. Of course it doesn't make sense. I'm sure they know it. But their job is the lawful and logical extension of the system of waste in which we live, the fossil-fueled free-trading global suicidal extravaganza

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