Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm trying to log into a website i used to use, but i've long forgotten the passwords. People didn't use to have so many passwords in the past. You'd have your cash card code, maybe, and that's about it. Now everybody has dozens: email accounts, mobile phone codes, etc etc.
Anyway no worries, because this website prompted me with my reminder question:
Where do you live?
now that's very clever of me, isn't it. to pick the address as a reminder question, when i'm moving house every three months.
I guess i took too seriously my squatters' auto-suggestion. It's a well known syndrom. Squatting is really impossible without the self persuasion: don't worry, you're gonna stay here forever. just get on with your life. Courts, owners, bailiffs... they don't exist. this is your home. It's a fairy tale we tell ourselves every night before we go to bed. Otherwise who could live like this, under the constant threat of eviction.

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