Monday, July 25, 2005

I want to write about how London feels right now. But I’m tired, I’ve been cooking all day for the benefit café we’re doing - I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

I’ll just say this: the shooting of the Brazilian kid on the tube really shocked me. I’m used to bombs and buses blowing up. I’m used to racist public response to such events. I’m used to fear, I’m used to atmosphere of hate. I’m not used to policemen gunning down an innocent person on public transport. I find it truly shocking. I know that innocent civilians die in Israel/Palestine all the time but i couldn't think of anything like this: a helpless man chased and gunned down only because somebody thought he looked like a blurry cctv image. What I find more shocking is the British public response. The initial response to the shooting was so complascent, so ‘well lucky they got him’. The newspapers headlines were ‘Suicide Bomber Shot in Stockwell Tube’ (Evening Standard) and ‘One Down, Three to Go’ (the Sun). Even now there doesn’t seem to be a public reckoning of ‘god what have they done?’ I find it so scary, how a society can go in two weeks from ‘defend civil liberties’ to ‘shoot them down’. And then ‘oh it was a mistake.. how tragic. But what can you do’.

We went down to Stockwell tube for a vigil in memory of this guy.

I’ll write more soon

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