Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gaza as entertainment

In watching UK responses to the Gaza war, I find myself in a by-now familiar predicament. I am resolutely against this pointless carnage. And I do think there is room for action here in the UK: Britain and Europe is supportive of Israel in a range of ways, which make them in my view involved, partisans. Yet at the same time I dislike much of what I hear on British and European anti-war rhetoric. It's not even the arguments, it's what I see as exploitation of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as some kind of a banner. The utlimate cause for anyone with the right views on the world.

Take this quote from the Guardian, a story about working-class Britons making it to Cambridge and Oxford:

When I came here I was adamant at first that it wasn't going to change me. Looking back, I've changed so much, but it's all positive. Before I would have thought getting into debates about Israel and Palestine over a drink in someone's room wasn't for me at all, because I'd never had that opportunity.

Discussing Israel/Palestine over a glass of wine - the ultimate passtime. The way you make it into the intellectual elite.

Hey! This is my country you are talking about! Not some film.

More from the Guardian, the tasteless comment of 2009:

Forget Gaza. The real story of the week was that of an actor [Kate Winslet] sobbing after taking receipt of her second Golden Globe.

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