Monday, March 24, 2008

London ain't no place for teddy bears (3)

Another day, another teddy bear finds itself on the streets. This one actually looks more like a monkey . Whatever it is, I found it next to the new Banksy graffiti work on Essex Road.
Lots of people stopped by to look at the graffiti, but no one paid attention to the poor furry animal.

As you can see, someone installed a perspex sheet to protect this subversive piece of art, and probably make sure they can sell the wall and make a lot of money one day.


Niki said...

oh that definitely is a monkey alright, and from the position he's landed in, it is a suicided monkey.

mink said...

yes. It probably had enough of thesis-proofreading.


Lilli said...

oh, when will the monkey finish footnote proofreading?
i would not mind taking the monkey out for drinks/tea when he decides he has enough of phd work...
lots to catch up on!

mink said...

l, phds target dataes are like horizons, they recede the closer you get to them.

it's been more than four months i think - we saw eachother more when we were living in different countries! let's meet up soon.

Lilli said...

i know, it's crazy.
the north/south london divide has to be overcome. i am more and more open to travelling north.
am going to be writing full time until end of april. let's see what we can do, anyway. it's time.