Thursday, December 13, 2007

saving those little fishes

My food scavenging experiences have largely been limited, in the past few months, to salvaging packed sandwiches and salads from their black plastic bin-liner coffins, left outside the cafes chains. For a student living on a shoestring and engaged with a battle with the phd-moloch, this is a reasonable way to fill your stomach, save money and time. However I hate living on sandwiches. The bread of these triangle shaped specimens is labeled 'malted brown' or 'multi-grain' or something to make it sound healthy, but it's cheap and crappy bread to begin with, and would not last more than a few hours after the sandwich was made. So I have devised a new way to salvage these wasted items. With salmon, roastbeef, chorizo sandwiches etc, I discard the bread as soon as I can and keep the meat or fish to serve in breakfast, or to make my own sandwiches.

I am not vegetarian. I would prefer to be one, but I enjoy eating meat and fish. I am not even a freegan - though the term freeganism is often used liberally to describe any dumpster-happy comrade, strictly speaking it refers to Vegans who allow themselves animal products when they find them and not have to pay for them; and I do buy meat and fish occasionally.

Yet there is something that strikes me as especially horrible in throwing good meat and fish away. A fellow scavenger I recently met in college put it into words. "You may think it is alright to kill animals in order to eat them. But killing a living creature, just to throw its meat away? What kind of a senseless cruelety is that? How can you possibly justify it?"

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Hagar said...

excuse me. animals and other fishes are not "living creatures". where did you get such a crazy idea. check your facts, lady. they are but row materials. so yes, some of it gets thrown away, happens all the time. what can you do about it. grow up will ya. i mean how is this any different from... eh... to dispose of plastic bags. (it isn't, because plastic bags kill fishes in the sea).

and anyway, this is a helpful paradigm to be used against your enemies, and you had better come to appreciate it. see, if you want to enslave somebody, all you need to do is start calling them fishes. and once the rest of the world is accustomed to regarding them as fishes, you can start putting them in sandwiches or whatever you feel like doing with them, and nobody's gonna say anything. if they do, you just start calling them fishes too. and nobody wants to be identified with them fishes. because them fishes are part of the axis of evil. everyone knows that.

i'm just having a boring weekend. actually i've been thinking about pornography lately. have also been reading some texts on, well, women. what's a woman. not sure. but i think i'm supposed to be one. which means i think other ppl suppose i am one. which must have had some effect on the way i. do. am.

several of those feminist texts claim that women hate women. ya. well. how stupid is that. and yet i recall saying to my psychologist, a year and a half ago, that "i hate women". i used to think it was just me, and that the reason is, uh, my own personal experience, which was obviously unique and, uh. well. anyway. now it's beginning to look like a plot. so tell me. have you, men, arranged a meeting and conspired against us in order to make us hate ourselves and each other? is that what's going on?

k, bye.