Monday, September 10, 2007

It's my birthday today and I started it with a cold shower. I was supposed to be over that stage in my life, now as a legitimate rent-paying occupier of living premises. Well the fact I don't need to show a Section 6 Warning on the door doesn't mean I get hot water. Gas to the flat was disconnected last week by the long arm of the law, chasing some long-gone tenant. Getting it back is not easy.

At the meantime it's DIY all over again, had to install my camping-stove on top of the IKEA kitchen. The oven is working, being electric, but I somehow never got along with ovens. What can one do with ovens? Roast veggies. Cook eggplants to prepare Baba Ganush (eggplant spread). Hmm that's it more or less.

So cold showers. Dreading them is part of the deal. But so is the liberation they bring. It is that little push you often need in the morning. It's a reminder that you are stronger than you think. Not just about endurance and resilience, but also learning to live with your body, and letting it enjoy the world at it is. As the gushes flow down your skin, you feel your back straigthen, your shoulders broaden. One last wash, one more second, and you are ready to face the day with a shivering smile.


نیکی said...

Happy Birthday! I didn't know you had entered the world of renting drudgery.

I hate to disagree with you, it being your birthday and all, but there is much more to do with ovens than roasting vegetables. You eat meat don't you? Roast chicken, roasted fish,some dolmas, and even some rice dishes require an oven. let me know if you want recipes

Hagar said...

I hope you're not planning to go through another winter of the same old sort. And that you're enjoying your birthday. May the new year be a happy one for you, and may your cake be tasty.

With affection and gratitude,

(I'd better go help in the kitchen before they all come in and kill me)


mink said...

Hagar, Niki, thanks for the greetings. Niki I would love recipies for oven rice dishes...

and by the way, to all those who celebrate it
שנה טובה
happy new jewish year
it came so early this time