Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All Semites Unite

For all fellow Hebrew and Arabic speakers: I just found the most useful thing on the internet: virtual keyboards for Arabic and Hebrew characters. You might know previous versions where you had to use the mouse to click on virtual buttons to choose letters. But here you type as you would normally - and it prints on the screen in the right alphabet, right to left. This means that you can blog, email and google in Hebrew/Arabic from every computer, no need to install anything.

What a great idea! I have both languages installed on my computer but it's a pain to have to carry the laptop everywhere.

Here are the links:
Hebrew Virtual Keyboard
Arabic Virtual Keyboard


Electric Sadhu said...

all semites unite- that includes the Geez family. don't they deserve a keyboard?
they write from left to right though.

mink said...

of course they do. But I think they have 300 letters. I wonder how it goes with QWERTY

نیکی said...

they have these for persian too, but they are kind of a pain. better than nothing though.