Thursday, March 15, 2007

ice age

Overworking on my computer has caused some nasty hand problems, so much that I had to stop working and blogging for a while. I am slowly recovering and getting back to work. Part of the treatment is to ice my elbows before I go to bed, to deal with the wrist inflamation.

The only problem is that my energy situation doesn't allow me to run a fridge and a heater at the same time. And I prefer having the heater - it's still too cold to give it up. So where do I get ice from? Here are my solutions:

1. Frozen peas - the best. The package wraps around the arm nicely and then I can use the peas to make curry! Frozen french beans also works, but not as good.

2. Ice from the local pub. They looked at me strangely but gave some ice.

3. Blueberry ice lolly - surprisingly good. Very easy to crush in a plastic bag and then place in the right place.

4. Magnum ice-cream - no good what so ever. Just not cold enough, and melts in no time.

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