Sunday, February 11, 2007

with a little help from my friends

power is back on, and seems stable. I am still apprehensive about using anything electric, and hold my breath each time I switch something on.
So I decided on energy reforms. I'm trying to see where I can save power, which appliances would be risky to use, which appliances could save me energy. I am travelling through eco-friendly cyberspace.
I don't have clear answers yet but I can tell you one thing: 'green' is a growth industry. Really if was a capitalist that's where I'd put my money. Most of it is stupid gadgets for guilt-tripped yuppies, but who cares.


Otuzbir said...

Yours seems like an interesting blog. I'll rss it on mine and you are to expect more comments of mine.

mink said...

thanks. good luck in Durham. I have a red jumper I got there. Slightly motheaten by now