Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yesterday I collapsed during a drawing session. I was modelling for stone carvers, doing a sitting pose - not a very difficult one - and staring at the box at the corner of the room. It said:
Drawing Studio
don't take anything!
Text always attracts my attention although it makes it difficult to go into a meditative phase. I thought of possible variations on this theme, such as: don't take everything / don't take a thing / don't take nothing when suddenly the world became slow and dark and very hot. My head swang out of position. Your head should be a little to the right came the remote voice of one of the carvers. English is so difficult for me at these situations I need a rest I managed to say while I found myself sitting on the floor, my body leant forward, my knees supporting each other. The floor was sooted with drawing charcoal and pencil sharpening and the thought that it's too dirty to sit on naked passed vaguely through my mind but I couldn't do much about it. I asked for some water.
Don't worry, if you faint, we'll just put you back there and continue to work
Carvers are not known for their sensitivity.

Slowly I came back to my senses, and I resumed to pose. It's never happened to me before. I think the heaters were too close to me; I was sweating and not drinking enough. Or maybe it's doing physical work after four months of academic degeneration.

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