Friday, September 22, 2006

שנה טובה

I spent the eve of the Jewish new year sitting on a bench outside the North Sea eating chips, watching the too-loud conversations from the yuppified Norfolk Arms across the road. They were happy but I don't think it's about the promises of new beginnings, more about lovely warm September evening.

I've had nicer new year eves before, for example in the Villas two years ago, I went especially to the supermarket to get honey, and G told me it's his favourite shoplifting item. The honey is necessary for the customary apples and honey, which I have insisted on for the last five new years in England, although actually I prefer the pommegranite custom. This year, 5767 if you want to know exactly, it was just chips and salt and vinegar. And the nice breeze of a crazy September.

It was a decent chips I must say.


The Letter N said...

i totally forgot, happy new year. i'm forgetting everything these days. and man some chips (or fries as i call them) with salt and malt vinegar sounds so delicious right now i could faint!

mink said...

thanks N, happy new year to you too, may you have as many chips as the stars in the sky