Monday, February 06, 2006

Superficial Impressions

* Olive Oil can't get over the fact that Australia produces its (many kinds) of olive oil, and not bad ones at all. Of course, it makes sense.Australian wine is renowned, so why not olive oil? especially with the large Italian, Greek and Lebanese communities here. Still it seems strange. It's the wrong hemisphere god dammit.

* National Hobby nice to see how Australian families of all races and credes - Lebanese, Russians, Chinese - can come together and have a fun peaceful weekend together, in the middle of a forest, with the crazy australian birds all around them, all united by their shared, universal hobby: the consumption of grilled dead animals.
Can't say much myself, I ate kangeroo meat this weekend. It's good red meat, with gamey flavour. The cute animals spend their life bouncing all over the place, which makes them very muscly and healthy. They're wild, not factory farmed, and they're considered a pest here - there's too many of them. The result is a beautiful guilt-free steak, perfect after some marinating.

* Eye Contact in London, when someone looks straight at you they either (1) know you (2) are behving overly flirtatious (3) want to have a fight with you (4) simply crazy. Eye contact is impolite. Not here: people just stare at you in public transport. At first I didn't know what to make of it but I think it's just human interest.

* Terminology Hotel is a pub in Australia. Most pubs/hotels have a few rooms on the second floor where travellers can stay, unlike in South India, where hotel means restaurant, but not a guesthouse - this was a cause of some misunderstanding when I travelled there a few years ago.

* BYO most restaurants seem to have bring-your-own beer/wine policy. Strange considering that in the UK, the sale of alchohol is often the main source of profit for restaurants/cafes.

* Abbreviations it seems that Australians would abbreviate and cut short any word that is longer than two syllables. So kangaroo is roo, Salvation army is Salvoes, and so forth. S: 'It's just laziness'.

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