Monday, January 02, 2006

Round the Oval, anti-clockwise

Seven Oval Facts

1) The Oval Cricket Stadium is owned by Prince Charles.

2) The Oval and the MI6, two institutions devoted to the defence of England, are connected by a short road.

3) Some of the houses around the Oval follow its circular shape; they are not rectanuglar but concave. This roundness has a most uncanny effect.

4) During the Ashes series, the roar of the crowds from the Oval often shaked the walls and windows of the bathroom.

5) Behind the gasworks gallery (round the corner from where the big Oval squat used to be) you can hear bird choirs going crazy.

6) The gasworks of the Oval appear in David Kronenberg's Spider.

7) There is a gap in the fence of the Stadium from which you can watch the match. It is there I first learnt how the flag of Bangladesh looks like.

A Story about the Oval
Three years ago, when we were getting evicted from Vauxhall, Blu went for a stroll in the neighbourhood, looking for empties. She wandered, dreamy and deep in thought as ever, until she was brought back to reality with a policeman pointing a gun at her and shouting she should not move. They interrogated her for long minutes about who she was and what she was doing, refusing to give an explanationn. Finally they let her go after advising her 'don't look dodgy'.
She didn't understand what the whole thing was, until someone told her she was standing outside Jack Straw's, the Foreign Secretary's house

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