Monday, December 26, 2005

tis the season for skipping

I love going to the wholesale fruit and veg market just before Christmas. Tons of food to skip, often luxary items (exotic fruits), and also a chance to bump into people you know doing the same. It feels friendly. We went a few people to get stuff for our Xmas/Hanuka lunch.

Kali found this.
It's another proof that things are seriously wrong.

In case you can't see, it's a passion fruit, packed in its own personal sealed nailon wrapping.
K: Don't they realize, it arealdy comes with its own packaging.

* * *

In season: mainly fruit.
Oh!!! (TM) Cucumbers (Spain)
Grapes (South Africa)
Bramley apples (UK, a skip full of boxes of them)
Strawberries (Egypt)
Organic Clementines (Turkey)
Yellow cherry tomatoes (Israel)
Wild Mushrooms (France; the season's nearly over)

No luxary items, but found a horseradish root. I'll make my grandma's style horseradish sauce, with beatroot. It's a Jewish Polish thing for Passover, and it's the wrong season - but the season is always wrong in the Wholesale Market. It's very simple to make:
Grate the horseradish root and the (cooked) beetroot, and mix. Add a bit of lemon/vinegar. And - if you have to - a bit of sugar.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the recipe. That's what I guessed it was made of, after I ate it at the Polish restaurant. Now I have confirmation...

What is "skipping"?

Electric Sadhu said...

Skipping: salvaging the wasted content of a skip (a.k.a dumpster in the U.S.).

Sue said...

Where is the wholesale fruit & veg. market in London?