Monday, October 17, 2005


S and me were discussing our plans regarding avian flue H5N1, aka GenZ, aka bird flu. Apparently they're going to put the royal ravens at the Tower of London in special cages so they don't come into contact with migrant birds, who not only come to this country to get jobs and enjoy the health care system, but bring diseases which will kill up to 500,000 people in the uk.

anyway. escape is probably wise. Something inside me wants to stay and see this metropolis melt down, and blog it live, but who knows if i'll survive.

So.. evactuation. where to? Australia seems a good option.

[scene one: long queues in the rain in front of the Australia House, the Strand, London.
Inside, a woman is banging her head on the bullet-proof windown separating her from the Visa official. But the official is a screen: it is projected from somewhere.

The woman, pleading with heavy Australian accent: but i am an australian citizen. My husband and kids are in Jalong.
Televised Official: I'm sorry but as you know since the 19th of November we do not allow entry from infected countries. There is not exception unfortunately.
woman, weeping: but i just want to get home.
Official: we had to take this measure to protect your family. No one can be allowed to enter. It will not be safe for your family.
Woman: I have my health check here
Official: I'm sorry

so it's better to get there before they impose a quarantine on the rest of the world.
We had a look on the Australian immigration website. Apparently they welcome 'genuine tourists'.

A genuine tourist

I think i'll need to to get my look together.

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