Thursday, September 22, 2005

Your new patient nurse check

[on the radio: advertisement for an insurance company]

Stand here… Minus your shoes… 55 kg

Now here… do you know your height?

Please sit down, while I fill in the questionnaire

[on the wall: Lambeth Parenting – Strategies and counselling]

Country of birth?

Senegal… Sierra Leon… Palestine… where is it now

[on the radio: Beethoven’s moonlight Sonata]

Here we are, Israel

Mother tongue?

[on the wall: I think I’m pregnant]

Can you read and write in Hebrew?

Have you ever smoked?

[Moonlight Sonata, music getting stronger]

So about three alcohol units per week,

What do you do?

[On the wall: option a: I want to become a parent]

How would you describe your diet?

lots of fruit, vegetables and fish?

Do you exercise?

[on the wall: I need help in becoming a parent]

Any cancer in the family?

Any relatives with heart problems? stroke?

[on the wall: a picture of a young girl wearing a black gown and a strange square shaped hat, holding a rolled paper]

Diabetes? any other illness?

is it like an allergy?

a liver disease... code j.

[on the wall: another photograph, of five women. Three of them are wearing traditional dress: one, as in the other photo, in traditional British academic dress, in black, and two in traditional African dress, with colourful patterns]

That’s all done now.

Have a good day dear

[Moonlight Sonata, fading out]

[on the wall: PRESS BUTTON TO EXIT]

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