Thursday, May 20, 2004

last Saturday. I've just come back to London two days before. today we have to open a new house.
there is a plan on the kitchen wall: Saturday night - change padlock. Sunday - move in and start cleaning the place.
there are no names on the plan.
i say to sam: i'd like to go. but who else. everybody's working, everybody's busy. Gary's wrist is hurting. who can do the padlock? and where is P., who put the plan up on the wall in the first place.
Me and S. have sex. the first time since my return. we are interrupted by Sam. what's going on, she murmurs on the other side of the door. i don't know what's going on and i'm getting pissed off.
the hours go by. I call Gary he'll do it, we'll do it: Gary, S and Me. I tell sam she can go to sleep. I go to my room to rest a bit before Ga comes back - around midnight, he says. I'm dozing off. i fall into a rattle sleep. I'm thinking: he came home a bit pissed. it's all put off.

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