Friday, December 05, 2003

i think i have temprature. oh god. things don't work out today and had to abandon all illicit plans. until next week. bummer.
already on the way to the library i noticed that something was strange. cycling along the canal, i could see many ducks going about their buisness, and a cormorant was hasitly pacing, almost running. but none of them were in the water. they were making alarming sounds.
later i saw a squirrel. almost run over it. wait a minute i thought, aren't you supposed to be hybernating, or semi-hibernating? is it the last rounds to collect food before sleep? it's december mate.
then i saw many more of them.
the book i'm reading at the moment tells me that in the middle ages squirrels symbolised the male member, and there's a tale about a girl seeing a dick for the first time, she's told it's a squirrel so naturally she fondles it.
what does it say about me.
i'm really almost delirous and have to find all these books now so i get something done over the weekend. so ips ips