Tuesday, October 21, 2003

there's a cigarette but in my toilet, hanging from the wall. almost falling but obviously not yet, been there for three years. obviously one of the workers put it out on the wall, as he was taking a shit. i can see him: finishing his cigarette, pressing it against the wall and rising up to finish his work. noises from the school yard coming up, the kids are playing. was he one of the workers putting the sitex on the window, or someone else? it's yellow and disgusting but i leave it there for some reason. i want to remind myself that i haven't cleaned there yet, and that i should. i guess it's also there to catch my feelings - having just opened this house, and things are still hanging in the air. for how long, this house? three-four months, as usual?
the cold weather makes me very tired. i feel exhusted from just cycling down the road. it's the temprature drop, prbbly: you're just not used to it yet, i think. soon it will be colder.